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Our commitment to quality and delivery has made us your strategic partner since 1986.


We study your needs to offer you the solution you need.


Our team is our main asset. Their training and experience are synonymous with quality.


Our certifications and experience guarantee a high level of quality in our services.

Main Industries

Our history is linked to the factories in Cadiz and Seville, starting with the machining operations at the beginning, up to the delivery of detail parts and different tooling.
Tooling Line
Design, manufacture and set-up of sheet metal forming and assembly tooling.
We have been serving one of the key sectors, with millions of components delivered.
Defence and capital equipment
We provide a wide range of sites throughout the country and repair and maintenance services for machinery.

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Main lines and productsSince we started our activity in November 1986, mainly for the automotive industry, we have been adapting to the market's needs and diversifying our Clients until today, offering the following services.

We carry out highly precision CNC machining in various materials: metallic, technical plastics and composite. With high standards in quality and lead times.
Manufacturing of aerospace components, offering from the machining service to its integral management, following the Customer's needs.
Turnkey tooling design and manufacturing for different industries.
We perform thread rolling, a process certified by Airbus
We offer verification services performed in facilities with controlled environmental conditions. We have large equipment of conventional measuring instruments and a three-dimensional measuring machine, which allows us to carry out from the simplest verifications to the generation of more complex projects.

Over 35 years experience

Over 35 years experience
Multidisciplinary team
Our DNA, vocation of service to our customers
A high degree of customer loyalty

Our facilities

Given the type of product-services we provide, our geographical scope is segmented by customers and/or services, and currently, also due to our size, we focus on the national market. However, we have also provided international customers with some services outside the aeronautical environment.


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