Our goal over more than 35 years of experience

Certifications and approvals.

After more than 35 years of history, our different certifications and approvals guarantee the quality of our services.

  • UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 (Download PDF)
  • EN-9100:2018 (Download PDF)
  • Thread Rolling CASA-1319 / ISO 5855-1 / AS8879
  • AIPS03-07-002 – Machining of Fiber Reinforced Plastic FRP Components
  • AIPS03-07-002 – Machining composites
  • NAVANTIA: Approval of catalogued articles and equipment items groups.
  • EUROCOPTER: Authorisation for machining SAFETY CLASS 1B parts

Quality Policy.

Mecaprec, s.l. management establishes this Policy to disseminate through the entire organisation, Clients and collaborators its firm commitment to supply products and services with the appropriate quality, cost and lead times established in accordance with the standards, requirements and expectations of the Client and the requirements of the applicable regulatory authorities.

To fulfil our commitment, Mecaprec has implemented a quality management system, in which annual objectives are established, and the continuous improvement of its efficiency is promoted, this being the basis on which we build our company.

Achieving and maintaining effective implementation is only feasible if every employee is responsible for the quality of their work.

The Management Principles guiding our Company are as follows:

  • Customer-oriented approach. Absolute consistency with External and Internal Customers, between what is offered and what is practised, gaining the trust of customers and stakeholders.
  • Multi-skilling of personnel, responsibly assuming the functions required to fulfil a Quality Service.
  • Commitment to comply with Quality Standards and applicable requirements.
  • Staff involvement and spirit of service as the main factor. como factor principal.
  • Process-based approaches and Continual Improvement.
  • Improve the prestige and image of the organisation.

Measurement and control systems.

  • Three-dimensional 3-axis CNC bridge machine (1000x700x500)
  • Three-dimensional 3-axis bridge machine (400x500x450)
  • OMC Vertical Mitutoyo Linear Height600
  • Mitutoyo PJ300 profile projector
  • Taylor Hobson Surtronic25 roughness tester
  • Inside-outside micrometres, anemometers, inside-outside micrometres, thread micrometres…

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